Cheap and Quick Divorce in North Carolina

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People often think that a divorce will surely entail huge financial and time investments. While it is true for many contested cases, it is possible to simplify the marriage termination process if you apply for an uncontested divorce and turn to the help of online services. Going for a do-it-yourself divorce and ordering paperwork online is among the most time-efficient and affordable ways to end your marriage.

Get Affordable Divorce in NC

Online Divorce$139 – Start Now
• Case-specific forms for quick divorce in NC
• Detailed filing instructions
• Fixed fees
• Free revisions
• State-specific expertise
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Installment Plan• Transparent pricing policy
• Flexible partial payments
• Access to the main questionnaire after the first payout
steps for getting a cheap divorce online
Steps for getting a divorce online
Delivery Options
E-Delivery – FREEDownload your ready-to-use forms in a convenient format from your profile at no extra fees.
Economy Shipping – $45 Get your divorce papers delivered by a courier in 5-6 business days.
Standard Shipping – $55 Receive your filled-out and printed forms from FedEx in 3-4 days.
Express Shipping – $70 Get the properly-prepared divorce forms delivered to you within 1-2 business days.

How Does It Work?

A convenient option for getting a simple divorce in NC is to delegate paperwork to a trustworthy service. Our company is among the leaders in this niche, and we’ll gladly assist you with document preparation. To get a complete package of North Carolina online divorce forms for your specific case, take 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Answer the Questions

Fill out a detailed questionnaire about your marriage termination. You need to provide all important data, including information about spouses, property and debt division, child support and custody, alimony, if required, etc.

Step 2. Download Forms

The system will generate case-specific forms based on the submitted information. Your papers will be ready within the deadline you choose. Head to your profile and download the completed documents.

Step 3. Print, File, and Sign the Documents

Double-check your forms for accuracy and completeness. Print documents and bring them to the courthouse. Submit them to a clerk and pay a filing fee. You will get clear filing instructions from us, so this stage of the divorce process shouldn’t pose any problems. 

What to Do When You Have No Money to File for Divorce?

divorce with no money
Filing for divorce with no money

Couples with financial hardships can get a free divorce in North Carolina if they start a divorce without an attorney’s involvement and request a fee waiver from the court. The court will analyze their situation and evidence provided and determine if they qualify for it.

If you aren’t eligible to waive court fees, you can still take advantage of other options for low-cost divorce in NC.

Option 1. DIY Divorce

If you decide to manage document preparation, filing, and court representation on your own, you can probably get a cheap divorce in NC. However, dealing with marriage dissolution without third-party help may be extremely tiring and time-consuming. There are high risks of filling out incorrect forms or not including the required ones in your divorce paperwork. Any mistakes in the documents may lead to court rejection and the need to repeat the filing process. Besides, issues with forms may result in problems during hearings and unsatisfactory divorce outcomes. So, the overall DIY divorce expenses may eventually become high.

Woman reading divorce papers
Woman going through do-it-yourself divorce procedure

Option 2. Online Divorce

Spouses that agree on all major divorce-related issues and apply for an uncontested divorce in NC online can simplify their marriage termination by ordering the needed papers from a credible online service. If you would like to get an easy divorce in NC with our help, you only need to answer questions in our comprehensive online questionnaire and download completed forms once they are ready. This way, you can speed up your divorce process and reduce expenses greatly.  

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