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Simplify your uncontested divorce by ordering the required divorce documents from us. We will prepare a complete set of case-specific forms for you to apply for a divorce online without lawyer assistance.

Complete NC Divorce Forms Online

North Carolina Online Divorce is a modern solution for preparing divorce paperwork. It is an advantageous option for couples who apply for amicable marriage dissolution and are interested in getting a divorce in North Carolina as fast as possible.

Our online divorce service offers assistance with filling out the needed forms for an uncontested divorce. If you and your spouse have managed to negotiate all disputable issues of marriage termination, we’ll be glad to prepare the paperwork for you. An uncontested full-agreement divorce is better than contested litigation due to several reasons:

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If you would like to get ready-to-use North Carolina divorce papers, detailed instructions on how to file them, limitless revisions for active subscribers, and friendly customer support, these are what we offer.

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What North Carolina Divorce Forms Do I Need to Prepare?

The amount of divorce paperwork directly depends on the case type. The basic documents required to file a divorce in NC are the following:

Complaint for Absolute Divorce
Civil Summons
Domestic Civil Action Cover Sheet
Notice of Hearing
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Affidavit
Judgment of Absolute Divorce

Note that you may need to provide more papers to the court due to the specifics of your case. We will take care of all the document required for your uncontested marriage dissolution. Our service also prepares divorce forms for cases with children involved at no additional fees.

How Does It Work?

File for Divorce in North Carolina in 3 Simple Steps


Find Out Whether You Qualify for an Uncontested Divorce

Complete a preliminary questionnaire about your marriage termination to see if you can apply for an uncontested divorce.


Enter More Details about Your Divorce

Describe your divorce case in more detail, filling out various sections of the questionnaire on personal information, property division, child custody and support, etc. Make sure to enter the data accurately and answer all questions. Submit the questionnaire and wait for our notification that your order is completed.


Download Completed Forms

Your filled-out divorce papers will be ready within the chosen deadline. Head to your profile, download your divorce packet online, and check if everything is in order. Read the step-by-step filing instructions we provide to know what to do next.

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Quick & Easy Solution for Filing a Divorce

Filing for divorce in North Carolina can become a streamlined process if you address a reliable service taking care of all the needed divorce documents.

Our online divorce service is a go-to assistant for many couples that resolved all their disputes and want to get a divorce online. With our help, you receive:

Compare Your Options for Divorce in North Carolina

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Do-It-Yourself Divorce

People choosing a DIY divorce believe it’s the cheapest way to end their marriage. However, it comes with serious risks that often don’t justify lower divorce costs.

  • Problems with filling out legal papers
  • Possible mistakes that lead to unfair asset division
  • Potential legal disputes due to incorrectly prepared forms
  • Longer overall process because the paperwork may be rejected
  • Emotional stress and anxiety
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Online Divorce in North Carolina

An uncontested divorce in NC online is a convenient option for couples that agree on all major divorce issues. By delegating paperwork to our service, you will get:

  • Correct divorce papers in the shortest time possible
  • Access to a user-friendly platform from any device
  • Possibility to make edits when needed
  • Clear pricing policy with no hidden fees
  • Helpful customer support 24/7
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Divorce with a Lawyer

Though hiring a lawyer to deal with the divorce is a common practice, it’s reasonable to evaluate all disadvantages before turning to an attorney’s assistance.

  • Huge financial expenses due to high hourly rates
  • Lack of control over the process and decision-making that can cause even more conflicts
  • The necessity to adjust to the lawyer’s schedule
  • Lengthy litigation
  • Emotional exhaustion, especially if you have to attend multiple hearings

Why Choose North Carolina Divorce Online?


You can access our website and start filling out a questionnaire anytime and from any place. Besides, you can save answers and continue later.


There is no need to find and meet lawyers to get legal forms. With our service, you can choose a suitable deadline, download completed papers in a convenient format, and start a fast divorce.


We have fixed fees for divorce help online, which are several times lower than attorneys’ flat rates. Besides, we offer filing instructions free of charge.

Privacy and Security

Our company uses modern and safe technologies to protect clients’ data from unauthorized use. There is no need to worry about your confidentiality.


When you fill out a questionnaire on our website, you can revise your answers if needed. Legal forms will be generated in accordance with the latest edition and based on the specific info you provide.

Support and Filing Guidelines

Besides case-specific papers for an instant divorce online, our clients receive comprehensible filing instructions and 24/7 customer support. We do all possible to make your divorce process less tiresome.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Benjamin P.
“At first, I was skeptical about divorce paperwork online but still decided to try this service. It turned out to be incredibly easy. I answered the questions and received the finished documents in less than 2 days. Thanks a lot!”
Benjamin P.
Harper D.
“This divorce service was a lifesaver for me and my ex-spouse. We were on a limited budget and could not allow lawyers. The process of answering the questionnaire was quick and stress-free. Highly recommended. ”
Harper D.
Mia R.
“As someone with a busy schedule, I’m very happy that I’ve found this website. I could work on my divorce papers at any time that suited me. That’s really cool. And the price is absolutely moderate. ”
Mia R.

Commonly Asked Questions

Online divorce services are gaining high popularity due to their efficiency, safety, and affordability, and it is legal to turn to their help.

First, check if you meet the residency requirements. After that, complete the divorce papers on your own or delegate this complicated work to a reputable online service. Submit the ready documents to the court to officially start your divorce.

In general, most uncontested divorces are finalized in 2-3 months after filing. The process can be a bit longer due to the court’s caseload.

Online divorce is the cheapest way to terminate your marriage. If you order the paperwork online, the overall expenses may be under $500, including filing fees.